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АstraZeneca Ukraine

We are pleased to cooperate with Iryna Chernyshova for over 5 years. During this period we have tried various formats & topics and Iryna conducted for us big people development events with over 100 participants as well as small group trainings. What differentiates Irina is her ability to hear and understand our rapidly changing business needs, help identify the proper tools for development, offer tailored training programs, stay dedicated to follow up activities with participants to support their growth. Iryna has her authentic style of developing other- conducting trainings in a coaching manner and creating challenging environment to allow freedom to think & find own solutions. Our most successful development projects with Iryna were dedicated to applying corporate values in daily work, mastering cross-functional cooperation & project management skills, implementing Enterprise Leadership. We trust her expertise & attitude and know we can rely on her with new people development projects. She’s especially good at programs that help implement new cultural and employees mindset changes.

АstraZeneca Ukraine
АstraZeneca Ukraine
АstraZeneca Ukraine
АstraZeneca Ukraine
АstraZeneca Ukraine

Sergieieva Svitlana

HR АstraZeneca Ukraine

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